The Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce

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Divorce is a complex matter. Taking the uncontested route simplifies the procedure. But how will you know if an uncontested divorce is right for you? Exactly what does it mean for a divorce to be uncontested? An uncontested divorce is where you as well as your spouse agree to all the conditions and sign all the necessary documents before filing your case. You then file the truth, and a judge signs off. Below are five reasons you may want to consider an uncontested divorce attorney.

An Uncontested Divorce is Faster
One advantage of an uncontested case is the speed of the procedure. An uncontested divorce will be a lot faster than a contested one. A contested divorce can last many months or even many years. You almost certainly don’t desire to be in the divorce process with the long. In comparison, an uncontested divorce can be carried out in under 8 weeks. The first stage is reaching an agreement with your partner. You as well as your spouse will desire a few weeks to go over the conditions and reach an agreement. Then you’ll need time to have them drafted by an attorney and sign the paperwork. It can take longer than that, depending how much you and your spouse have to go over and exactly how close you are in agreement when you begin the discussions.

The second step is filing and finalizing the truth. Within Georgia, we’ve a thirty day waiting period after the case is filed. Which means that once you file, the judge must wait thirty days before they can sign off and finalize your divorce. You can’t increase this area of the process, but at least following the case is filed, the hard part is performed. Even though your case takes a long for an uncontested divorce, it’s still going to be always a lot faster when compared to a contested divorce.

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An Uncontested Divorce is simpler
Another advantage of an uncontested divorce is the ease of the experience. In comparison to a contested divorce, there is a lot less to do within an uncontested divorce. Contested litigation can be hugely complicated. You as well as your attorney may need to file and react to motions. You can attend (and also have to get ready for) multiple court hearings. It’s likely you have to undergo the dreaded discovery process where you have to provide the other side tons of personal records. Going through each one of these steps can be stressful and overwhelming. But you can avoid each one of these pieces with an uncontested divorce. With an uncontested divorce, the procedure is simple. You will discover two steps: reach an agreement with your partner and file the situation in court. The process is straightforward and (relatively) painless.

An Uncontested Divorce Costs Less
Typically the most popular benefit of an uncontested divorce is the lower cost. A contested divorce is expensive. Depending on how much conflict there may be in your case, it can be tens of thousands of dollars or even more. There are even cases that go in to the six figures. A lot of people don’t want to invest very much money on their divorce. In the event that you as well as your spouse are struggling to agree, consider whether you want to provide a little more to your spouse or a lot more to your attorney.

Although an uncontested divorce costs less, it isn’t cheap. Your divorce can be an investment in your own future and needs to be handled competently. You as well as your spouse are in charge of agreeing to terms. Your attorney’s job is to be sure your legal documents are correct and protect your interests. An attorney will also look for potential issues in your agreement that you and your spouse may not be alert to. Attorneys do cost money, nevertheless they cost a lower amount than having to correct a blunder later. However your legal bill within an uncontested divorce will be lower when compared to a contested case.

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An Uncontested Divorce OFFERS YOU More Control
Another advantage of an uncontested divorce is that you have significantly more control. This applies to both process and the actual conditions of your agreement. Anytime you as well as your spouse can reach an agreement, you should have more control over the facts of the agreement than if you decide to go before a judge. That is true whether your case started as uncontested or contested. You and your spouse can best tailor your agreement to what works for you. You can decide what your location is willing to compromise and where you are not rather than leaving it up to a stranger to choose your own future. A contested divorce can leave you feeling uncontrollable. The process is lengthy, complex, and expensive. It wasn’t something you were planning on. By agreeing with an uncontested divorce, you regain control over the knowledge.

An Uncontested Divorce is More Peaceful
Yet another plus of uncontested divorce is that it is a much more amicable process. An antagonistic divorce is stressful and unpleasant. Why bring that hostility and negativity into your daily life if you can avoid it? When you can discover a way to trust your spouse, you can make the complete experience more nice for both of you. Being friendly and respectful can help you focus on the near future and shifting rather than dwelling on past hurts. Yes, you will need to reach some compromises with your spouse to utilize the uncontested process. However in a contested case you will also likely have to attain these compromises-or let a judge decide. While you work together towards the purpose of a shorter and less stressful process, it is simpler to be considerate of every other.

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When you have children, maintaining your case amicable is specially important. You’re going to need to get along for the others of your children’s lives. Even after they grow up and be adults, you’ll likely still see each other occasionally. A contested divorce can result in burned bridges and resentment to the point where you can’t have even a civil conversation with one another. Do you want your child playing peacemaker between you as well as your ex at their own graduation or wedding? Contested litigation can make any existing conflict worse. The uncontested process is ways to keep things more amicable.