Benefits of Expungement Attorney

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No matter how old or serious the offense, a criminal record can stop you from living the life that you want. A Rand & Gregory Attorneys at Law Eastover 28312 Fayetteville NC can help to open the doors that were closed due to your criminal record.

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Impact of a Criminal Record

A criminal record could limit your access to or ability to obtain the following:

Licenses for occupational work
Firearm rights
Recreational licenses
Licenses for businesses
Participation in government programs and contracts
Grants and loans to the government
Government benefits

Individuals with criminal records are barred from many of the benefits and opportunities under federal and state laws.  However, even if this is not the case most private employers and most public entities have the right to deny access to these benefits and options based solely on a criminal or arrest record. An expungement attorney in New Jersey can work tirelessly to clear someone’s name and protect their right.

How Can Expungement Help?

One of the benefits of a New Jersey expungement lawyer is that they can determine whether someone’s criminal record is eligible to be expunged and file a petition in state court to have that record sealed away from the view of employers, landlords, and others.  Expunctment is not only a way to erase a criminal record but also offers the following benefits:

Arrest, conviction, or any other proceeding are deemed not to have ever occurred
If asked about criminal history, a person can deny it.
Any inquiry regarding your expunged past must be answered by the appropriate agencies.
Restrictions on discrimination or disqualification when applying for most government licences

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A person can only be indicted for one offense, and may have up to three offenses against disorderly persons expunged during their lifetime.

A person’s indictable offenses may be eligible for expunction following a 10-year waiting period (may be reduced to five years under certain circumstances) as long as there are no pending charges, no prior or subsequent indictable offense convictions, and no more than two disorderly person offense convictions on their record. Expunction is not available for particularly serious or violent offenses.

Disorderly and Petty Disorderly Person Infractions

After a five-year waiting period, which may be reduced to three under certain circumstances, for disorderly or petty disorderly persons offenses, the charges could be exonerated. However, there must be no pending charges and no prior or subsequent convictions.

These dispositions could also be eligible for expungement, subject to lower eligibility requirements: Low-level drug convictions, offenses committed at 21 years or younger, drug court cases and juvenile delinquency adjudications.