What To Do After An Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

Five Reasons Why You Should Always Engage A Commercial Debt Recovery Lawyer Early

For many busy households and businesses, Amazon Prime is a saving grace. Prompt, reliable, and practically always before schedule, many wonder how their Amazon orders arrive so quickly.

However, with growing demand, tight deadlines, and an impending holidays, traffic accidents involving Amazon drivers are also going up. As with other traffic accidents involving delivery truck drivers and tractor-trailer trucks, injuries can be sever before.

If you have been injured by an Amazon driver, you may well be eligible for compensation for your losses and any resulting damages. However, truck accidents are definitely not as simple as other compensation for injuries cases – in particular when it involves a corporately owned vehicle as an Amazon delivery truck. Hiring a skilled truck accident legal professional is the first step to ensuring that your rights are protected, and that you have the compensation you deserve. clicking here for more details

Contact Law Enforcement After A MAJOR ACCIDENT With An Amazon Truck

Once you are in a safe place, you should contact law enforcement to come quickly to the scene of the accident. Once there officers will determine the damage, any injuries, and create a major accident report. This record will be helpful later when presenting your case to the insurance firms. In addition to calling law enforcement, you should call first responders to take care of any injuries at the scene of the accident and transport you and others mixed up in accident to a healthcare facility if necessary.

Exchange Information With The Amazon Delivery Driver
Before leaving the scene of the accident, you should exchange information with the driver. These details should include:

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The Amazon driver’s name and contact information
The license plate on the Amazon delivery truck
Insurance carrier information employed by the Amazon driver
In addition to collecting this information, you should try to ascertain whether the Amazon driver was working when the accident. If so, Amazon may also be held in charge of any damages or injuries caused by the delivery driver.

Document The Amazon Truck Accident
Once you are in a safe place and your injuries have been treated, you should get started collecting evidence to aid your own injury claim. You could, for example, take photographs of the harm to your automobile, take photographs of your injuries, accumulate witness statements and contact information. More specifically, you should jot down the date, location and time of the accident and initial impressions about the reason for the accident (speeding, failure to yield, etc.).

Seek Ongoing Medical Attention For Your Amazon Truck Accident Injuries
In order to maximize your financial recovery after an Amazon accident, you should seek treatment, you were hit by a sizable truck. Commercial trucks have the potential to cause severe injuries, often creating injuries like broken bones, cuts and lacerations, and traumatic brain injuries. Pursuing treatment will provide documentation of your injuries that you can leverage when filing a claim against Amazon or their delivery driver.

Liability For An Amazon Delivery CAR CRASH
Liability for an accident with an Amazon delivery driver depends the circumstances of the accident. Amazon employs independent contractors to deliver all of their packages. Because of this, Amazon can declare that they do not have control over their delivery drivers’ actions while they can be delivering packages. Using this defense can help Amazon avoid liability for your injuries.

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If an Amazon driver causes a major accident while these are off-duty and not in Amazon’s control, then Amazon may won’t take liability for the accident. Consequently, you may well be limited by pursuing compensation from the delivery driver’s personal automobile insurance policy.