Certain goods in the market are dangerous to life and property as well. For example, a particular electronic gadget if not sealed properly, can cause risk to life. Therefore, to keep the public secure such laws were formulated. The consumer law enables and gives the right to every individual to claim protection against such hazards. Let me list you few examples, a shoe that you bought recently is not of the quality concerning its price, or if you have purchased individual grains which you find it to be mixed with unhealthy stuff and if the tag description has no mention about it, there is no need to regret about your loss of money or to fight with the supplier. All you have to do is to file a complaint. Because consumer law gives the exclusive right for an individual to file a complaint immediately, even if a fraudulent company fools someone, he/she has the right to report to respective authorities. He/she can also track until the steps are taken. Such complaints and active measures ensure the customer’s benefit as well as the supplier’s commitment regarding the sales.


Every individual has the right to file a complaint. A formal complaint should comprise of the reason of the complaint, the laws that is been violated, and you can also mention what steps should be taken to resolve such dispute. Most of us are idle to follow the legal steps to file the complaint, so we just utter and spread the news and then rest in our couch without taking any form of action to prevent such complaints. The government has taken many measures to provide simple ways through which one can file a case. It may be done not only by face to face dealings but also one can report his/her complaint online. Consumer news and even websites like advocacy websites often accept such complaints. Know about Consumer Protection Act which will be easy for you to proceed further, the below link discuss about it in detail

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Moreover, rather than filing formally, one can file a complaint on highly visible websites that reach the public easily as it may get viral. Hence, the general public becomes aware of a specific complaint. And for sure the government has to take measures to solve such consumer disputes. The online form of filing a case is providing ease for consumers to make the public aware of such an issue and thereby can expect instant actions to be taken to solve them. This makes the suppliers aware, and they try their best to provide quality products to satisfy the needs of consumers.


Let me list certain benefits that a consumer should be aware of:

-This law gives right for a consumer to be well informed about a product’s quality, price and standard.

-This law gives right for an individual to file a case directly in courts present in the district, state and national levels. This hands in a simple, inexpensive process to file a suit.

-If any harm is occurred due to a certain product, the manufacturer should compensate for the cost of the product as well as the cost due to injury.

-This law ensures transparency of the particular company sites(such as their addresses and other such details are to be specified), so it would be easier for consumers to communicate for further information.

-It prohibits sellers from misleading advertisements and also imposes penalties to verified fraudulent cases.

Thus, the government has enforced such laws to ensure the rights of consumers and thereby building a mutual relationship between the traders and consumers.

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