Benefits of Legal Practice Management Software in a Law Firm

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Many law companies today still operate without legal practice management software. Mainly because… well, change. Each legal professional and team has their own way of tracking matter-related information that’s “working for them.”

I’m here to let you know that your spreadsheets aren’t working.

You can find endless explanations why you should adopt case management software, but I’ve narrowed it right down to 7 specific reasons to consider:

1. Increased staff productivity
The heart of any legal practice management software is the problem. Typically, everything related to the case can be found on the matter record of one’s practice management software. This consists of all party’s contact information, case documents, calendar appointments, tasks, email correspondence, notes, and billing information.

With everything in a single software, your staff knows where you can look for matter-related information and never have to contact a coworker to send the file over. They’ll know that if they demand matter, they should be able to find the info they’re looking for.

2. Happier clients
Services like Amazon Prime have made people expect everything instantly. That is most evident for your client’s expectations of case updates.

3. More complete conflict checks
If you’re in a position to operate a conflict check in the program where almost all of your clients’ information resides, you’ll get a far more complete conflict check.

I’ve spoken to numerous firms that contain to run a conflict check in their billing software, against a spreadsheet, and then distribute a conflict vote to ensure the attorneys don’t uncover conflicts in their own private files.

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That is also important because it not only increases the firm’s processes, but it addittionally protects the firm and keeps them compliant with their liability insurance.

4. Better collaboration within teams
Within a legal software application, you’re in a position to share information between staff members. Some systems enable you to assign tasks to other coworkers and get notifications once the task is complete. Other programs have chat systems built into the application itself, which means you can communicate and never have to send a contact, call them or get right up from your desk.

5. Simpler to onboard new staff
One of the hardest parts of onboarding new staff is training. A single practice management software means less software and process training.

Case management software (CMS) can help a law firm manage cases, clients and firm matters. While CMS ‘s been around for some time, many law firms still aren’t yet making use of this tool. The trend continues that increasingly more law firm software are finally implementing this useful organization management software to better run their cases and their law firms. Choosing this kind of software can be a complicated process.

An added benefit for some practice management applications is automated workflow. With automated workflow, you can build your processes in to the program, ensuring compliance across your complete staff with minimal training needed.

6. Work from anywhere
This benefit holds true if your firm picks a cloud-based practice management application. With the majority of the newer cloud-based, legal practice management applications, you can access your firm’s database from the web or from a native iphone app on your iOS or Android device. This implies so long as you have internet, you’ll have access to your client information.

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7. Automated time entry
Many practice management applications give you the ability to fully capture time as you’re working. Some even capture time spent of their application and other programs attorneys use each day.